Many Services and Therapies to Choose 
with your Provider

Please inquire about covered services at the reception counter during your visit.
If you are self pay or if the services you need are not covered, we have reasonable rates that can rival some insurance copays.


Human child getting their patellar reflex checked by a healcare worker with a tromner hammer.

Adult & Pediatric Exams

Neurological, muscular, orthopedic, and pathological sign testing as described by clinical practice guidelines. Part of every new patient visit.



Human massaging another humans shoulder and arm musculature. Orange towel visible.

Soft Tissue Massage

Myofascial release, percussion massage gun, or hands on massage with topical cream are available briefly during treatment.




Human in black bra and pants performing bird-dog strengthening on blue yoga mat.

Home Exercise

Chiropractic works best when you perform stretching or strengthening  of the accompanying muscles to encourage proper healing and aims to help prevent recurrences.

Doctor mocking/performing crossed bilateral pisiform AP adjustment on patients exposed low back.

Hands on Adjusting

High velocity low amplitude (HVLA) adjusting with force applied through the hands of the doctor into joints of your body. Gentle Mobilization available as an alternative.


Two aloe leaves sticking out of a jar of white topical crème.

Topical Cream

Biofreeze Pro


Icy Hot Pro (upon request) 




Vortex of what appears to be water.

Hot Water Bath Packs

Hot water packs are heated to a temperature that will help your muscles, ligaments, and tendons relax, so that the adjustment and muscle work is more enjoyable & effective.

Activator IV adjusting tool.  This is a sping loaded device that delivers force in a 1/4 diameter area. Looks like a tiny pogo stick.

Activator & C.A.T 

A tool that delivers short fast impulse to a joint. Very Gentle.  Similar to an adjustment and safer for some conditions or patient preference.


Human pregnant belly with doctor listening above navel with a stethoscope. Human wearing purple shirt and white pants.

Pregnancy & Webster

Specialized prenatal technique for optimizing expecting mother's biomechanics during all stages of pregnancy and post-partum. Reduces low back pain.

Pediatric Care Available, too! 


Blue wrist brace on human right arm/hand.

Taping & Bracing

For certain conditions and presentations, taping or bracing may be appropriate.   It is not our stance to use this as a first line of defense as it encourages muscle deconditioning. In certain instances, however, it is necessary. 

Hill Flexion Distraction chiropractic table, shown in blue with black base.  This is the model in treatment room 1.

 Hill & Elite  Flexion Dist. 

A treatment that focuses on spinal decompression. Great for many disc disorders and other degenerative conditions.

 HILL AFT can provide traction.


Supplements and basil in front of a light protected medicine bottle that is open. Stethoscoe visible again.

Nutrition & Supplements

Dr. Haylee is trained in nutrition and can order or recommend certain supplements if they are deemed beneficial. Nutrition consults can also be booked.



Picture of a robot using a D battery as an AED on a robot which appears to be incapacitated.

TENS & Electrotherapy

Although also not a first line of defense, these are short-term pain relievers for acute pain or for stubborn chronic pain. 

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